SpikeInterface 0.94.0 release notes

15th April 2022

Main change:

  • Refactor WaveformExtractor with waveform_tools.

  • Implement Zarr backend for save()

  • Read IBL compressed files.

  • Phase shift (destripe) preprocessor

  • Test are run partially : faster GH actions

  • Many improvement in sorting compnents: template matching, select_peaks, motion_estimation, motion_correction


  • Fix typo in SplitSegmentSorting init

  • Added NumpySorting.from_peaks()

  • Refactor WaveformExtractor with waveform_tools.

  • Fix bug “too many open files” for the new waveforme extractor.

  • Add function to remove empty units

  • Remove loose version in favor of packaging

  • Add chunk_duration concept for jobs

  • Implement Zarr backend for save()

  • Add split recording class and function

  • Add Recording.remove_channels()

  • Add save sorting to memory


  • Reintroduce spikeglx test files

  • Add NeuroscopeSortingExtractor

  • New neo extractors

  • Add more neualynx versions for testing

  • Modify nwb recorder extractor for loading channel name property as channel_ids when available

  • Support 3d positions (rel_z) in NWB

  • Read openephys probe from probeinterface

  • Fix “KSLabel” extraction in phykilosortextractor

  • Bug fix on waveclus sorting extractor

  • Read IBL compressed files


  • Refactor run_sorters/run_sorter_by_group to better handle folders and key dtypes


  • Phase shift (destripe) preprocessor

  • Fix typo in isi violation

  • Addresses batch size bug #565, and also resolves open file warnings

  • Add nan to d_prime for single unit case

  • Handle computing of nearest neighbor metrics for units with few spikes


  • Fix multisortingcomparison spiketrains


  • Add presence plot

  • Add with_channel_ids for several widgets that use plot_probe

  • Add optional distinctipy


  • Fix mismatch between phy and si unit ids


  • Improvements to template matching

  • Start sparse clustering

  • Improvements to select_peak()

  • Improvements to motion_estimation()

  • Improvements to motion_correction()

  • Documentation updates for quality_metrics

  • Try install SI from conda env and skip pip

  • Improve documentation for sorting components


  • Refactor tests

  • Partial tests

  • Fix herdingspikes version for tests