Modules tutorials

Spike interface is split in several modules. Here are tutorials for each one.

Core tutorials

The core module

  • RecordingExtractor

  • SortingExtractor

  • Handling probe information

Extractors tutorials

The extractors module is designed to load and save recorded and sorted data and to handle probe information.

  • RecordingExtractor

  • SortingExtractor

  • Handling probe information

Toolkit tutorials

The spikeinterface.toolkit module allows users to preprocess and postprocess the data, to compute validation metrics, and to perform automatic curation of spike sorting outputs.

  • preprocessing

  • postprocessing

  • qualitymetrics

  • curation

Sorters tutorials

The sorters module wraps several spike sorting algorithms with the same simple Python API.

  • run sorters with different parameters

  • spike sort by property

  • use the sorter launcher

Comparison tutorials

The comparison module allows to compare spike sorting output with and without ground-truth information.

Widgets tutorials

The widgets module contains several plotting routines (widgets) for visualizing recordings and sorting data, probe layout, and many more!

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