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The following people have contributed code and/or ideas to the old and current version of SpikeInterface. The institutional affiliations are those at the time of the contribution, and may not be the current affiliation of a contributor.

Current core team

For any inquiries, please contact Alessio Buccino ( or Samuel Garcia (, or just write an issue (preferred)!

Founding core team

  1. Allen Institute for Neural Dynamics (AIND), Seattle, USA.

  2. The Institute for Adaptive and Neural Computation (ANC), University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland.

  3. Center for Computational Biology (CCB), Flatiron Institute, New York, United States.

  4. Centre de Recherche en Neuroscience de Lyon (CRNL), Lyon, France.

Contributors to current API (>0.90)

  • Kyu Hyun Lee

  • Pierre Yger

  • Fernando J. Chaure

  • Julia Sprenger

  • Saksham Sharda

  • Tom Donoghue

  • Chuang Yu Min

  • Liam Keegan

  • Tom Bugnon

  • Marine Chaput

Contributors to old API (<0.13.0)

The following people have contributed code to the project as of 10 Nov 2020:

  • Achilleas Koutsou

  • Alan Liddell

  • Alexander Morley

  • Ben Dichter

  • Cody Baker

  • Fernando J. Chaure

  • James Jun

  • Jasper Wouters

  • Jose Guzman

  • Josh Siegle

  • Luiz Tauffer

  • Manish Mohapatra

  • Martino Sorbaro

  • Mikkel Elle Lepperød

  • Pierre Yger

  • Roger Hurwitz

  • Roland Diggelmann

  • Shawn Guo

  • TRRuikes

  • Yaroslav Halchenko

  • Michael Scudder