SpikeInterface 0.96.1 release notesΒΆ

27th October 2022

Main change:


Probeinterface v0.2.14 fixes a important bug in read_spikeglx() / read_imro() that was leading to wrong contact locations when the Imec Readout Table (aka imRo) was set with complex multi-bank patterns. The bug was introduced with version 0.2.10, released on September 1st 2022, and it is also present in these versions: 0.2.10, 0.2.11, 0.2.12, and 0.2.13. If you used spikeinterface/probeinterface with SpikeGLX data using one of these versions, we recommend you to check your contact positions (if they are non-standard - using the probe tip) and re-run your spike-sorting analysis if they are wrong.

Other changes/bug fix:
  • Remove waveform_extractor.recording form template_tools (#1031)

  • Fix nbefore parsing in InjectTemplatesRecording (#1032)

  • Use parent recording dtype for InjectTemplates (#1033)