SpikeInterface 0.90.0 release notes

31st July 2021

Major release.

  • many API mofications : no backward compatibility

  • contain all subpackages

  • transpose get_trace() shape

  • handle multi segment

  • handle docker for run_sorter with hither

  • have “Event” object for trigger and epoch (period)


  • save() instead of CacheRecording

  • multi segment

  • no more RecordingExtractor.get_ttl_events() use Event instead

  • no more SubRecordingExtractor use recording.channel_slice() and recording.frame_slice() instead

  • no more SubSortingExtractor use sorting.select_units() instead

  • more efficient parralel with job_tools sub-module

  • internal API change with classmethod only

  • no more grouping_property use recording.split() instead

  • can be run in docker locally (need docker installed)

  • add pykilosort

  • API change to handle multi segment

  • validation renamed in qualitymetrics

  • no more dependancy on spikefeatures

  • no more dependancy on spikemetrics

  • total rewrite of compute_quality_metrics()

  • total rewrite of export_to_phy()

  • total rewrite of get_spike_amplitudes()

  • total rewrite of calculate_pc_metrics()

sortingcomponents (new module):
  • total rewrite of detect_peaks()