SpikeInterface 0.91.0 release notesΒΆ

8th October 2021

Major improvements and bug-fixes. Improvements for spikeinterface-gui.

  • frame slice for sorting

  • add segment option for get_template

  • add aggregate_units

  • add aggregate_channels

  • implement waveform retrieval with sparsity

  • fix spikes on border for waveform extractor

  • force dtype to be np.dtype in waveform extractor

  • refactor waveform template cache: add disk persistence

  • fix cast frame slice frames to ints and tdc

  • fix device indices in aggregate_channel probe

  • fix yass extractor

  • electrical series arg handle in nwbextractors

  • load maxwell electrode as property

  • add maxwell event extractor

  • fix reading of legacy OpenEphys recording format

  • fix location in NWB

  • improve run sorter in docker

  • run_sorters() can use docker images

  • add run_sorter_by_property

  • add read_sorter_folder()

  • add nn_isolation metrics

  • add dtype option in filters and improved docstrings

  • implement sparsity with threshold

  • fix filtering for uint signals

  • fix and rename MultiSortingComparison.save_to_folder()/load_from_folder()

  • improve the collision comparison and study framework

  • add plot_probe kwargs in plot_probe_map

  • add widget collisions

  • add widget for study

  • improve export_to_phy

  • add sparsity option to export_to_phy

  • fix typos and grammar