Welcome to SpikeInterface’s documentation!


This is the not yet released documentation of spikeinterface (0.90.0)

To see reelased documention this is here https://spikeinterface.readthedocs.io/en/stable

Actual API released is 0.12.0.


Spikeinterface is a collection of Python modules designed to improve the accessibility, reliability, and reproducibility of spike sorting and all its associated computations.

With SpikeInterface, users can:

  • read/write many extracellular file formats.

  • pre-process extracellular recordings.

  • run many popular, semi-automatic spike sorters.

  • post-process sorted datasets

  • compare and benchmark spike sorting outputs.

  • compute quliy metrics to validate and curate spike sorting outputs

  • visualize recordings and spike sorting outputs.

  • export report and export to phy with one line


  • New SpikeInterface major release! Version 0.90.0 is will be out soon!

    • breaks backward compatility with 0.10/0.11/0.12 series

    • will be released in summer 2021

    • is not a metapackage anymore

    • doesn’t depend on spikeextractors/spiketoolkit/spikesorters/spikecomparison/spikewidgets sub-packages

For more information, please have a look at: