spikeinterface is a Python package. It can be installed using pip:

pip install spikeinterface

If you want to install from the source so that you are up-to-date with the latest development, you can install with:

git clone
cd spikeinterface
python install (or develop)


The following Python packages are required for running the full SpikeInterface framework. They are installed when using the pip installer for spikeinterface.

  • spikeextractors
  • spiketoolkit
  • spikesorters
  • spikecomparison
  • spikewidgets

You can also install each package from GitHub to keep up with the latest updates. In order to do so, for example for spikeextractors, run:

pip uninstall spikeextractors
git clone
cd spikeextractors
python install (or develop)