spikeinterface is a Python package.

From PyPi

To install the current release version, you can use:

pip install spikeinterface[full]

The [full] option installs all the extra dependencies for all the different sub-modules.

Note that if using Z shell (zsh - the default shell on macOS), you will need to use quotes (pip install "spikeinterface[full]").

To install all interactive widget backends, you can use:

pip install spikeinterface[full,widgets]

Note that the [widgets] option also installs jupyter (and relative dependencies).

If you wish to only install the core module, without optional dependencies, you can use:

pip install spikeinterface

From source

As spikeinterface is undergoing a heavy development phase, it is sometimes convenient to install from source to get the latest bug fixes and improvements. We recommend constructing the package within a virtual environment to prevent potential conflicts with local dependencies.

git clone
cd spikeinterface
pip install -e .
cd ..

Note that this will install the package in editable mode.

It is also recommended in that case to also install neo and probeinterface from source, as spikeinterface strongly relies on these packages to interface with various formats and handle probes:

pip install git+
pip install git+

It is also sometimes useful to have local copies of neo and probeinterface to make changes to the code. To achieve this, repeat the first set of commands, replacing with the appropriate repository in the first code block of this section.

For beginners

We provide some installation tips for beginners in Python here:


spikeinterface.core itself has only a few dependencies:

  • numpy

  • probeinterface

  • neo>=0.9.0

  • joblib

  • threadpoolctl

  • tqdm

Sub-modules have more dependencies, so you should also install:

  • zarr

  • h5py

  • scipy

  • pandas

  • xarray

  • scikit-learn

  • networkx

  • matplotlib

  • numba

  • distinctipy

  • cuda-python (for non-macOS users)

All external spike sorters can be either run inside containers (Docker or Singularity - see Running sorters in Docker/Singularity Containers) or must be installed independently (see Installing Spike Sorters).