Extractors module


The extractors module contains RecordingExtractor and SortingExtractor classes to interface with a large variety of acquisition systems and spike sorting outputs.

Most of the RecordingExtractor classes are implemented by wrapping the NEO rawio implementation.

Most of the SortingExtractor are instead directly implemented in SpikeInterface.

Although SI is object-oriented (class-based), each object can also be loaded with a convenient read() function:

Read one Recording

import spikeinterface.extractors as se

recording_OE = se.read_openephys("open-ephys-folder")

Read one Sorting

import spikeinterface.extractors as se

sorting_KS = se.read_kilosort("kilosort-folder")

Read one Event

import spikeinterface.extractors as se

events_OE = se.read_openephys_event("open-ephys-folder")

For a comprehensive list of compatible technologies, see Compatible Technology.