spikeinterface is a Python package.

The actual “new API” (v0.90.0) is not released on pypi yet. It will be released in July 2021.

To use it now, you have to install spikeinterface work-in-progress from source. You also need neo and probeinterface:

git clone
cd python-neo
python install (or develop)
cd ..

git clone
cd probeinterface
python install (or develop)
cd ..

git clone
cd spikeinterface
python install (or develop)
cd ..


spiekinterface.core itself has only a few dependencies:

  • numpy

  • neo>=0.9.0

  • joblib

  • probeinterface

  • tqdm

Some sub-modules have more dependencies, so you should also install:

  • scipy

  • h5py

  • pandas

  • sklearn

  • matplotlib

  • networkx

  • datalad

  • MEArec

All sorters must installed independently.